Induced endothelial expression of podocyte specific Retinoic acid receptor responder1 (Rarres1) in Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD) accelerates renal injury

Dr Katja Moller-Hackbarth
Karolinska Institutet
200 000 SEK - 2018

Diabetic Kidney Disease is the most common cause of kidney failure and is responsible for more than 40% of new end-stage renal disease cases, for which a cure has not been found yet. 30-40% of patients with diabetes mellitus develop Diabetic Kidney Disease. So far, the diseased kidney can be treated only through dialysis or kidney transplantation. Additionally, kidney disease is an expensive burden to public health  care systems. The risk of dying from this condition is approximately 40% over 24 months, which is worse than in most cancers.

The Discovery of new ways to treat these disorders could have a significant effect on the prognosis and life quality of patients. Our study will give an important insight into the pathomechanism of diabetic kidney disease and can establish Rarres1 as a novel therapeutical target and biomarker. Since the molecular mechanisms behind glomerular disease in diabetes are poorly known, we intend to involve biopsies and serum from patients with diabetes in our study design.