Improvement of diabetic beta cell functions using remotely controlled magnetic nanoparticles

Associate Professor Enming Zhang
Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö, Lund University
2 000 000 SEK - 2019

Pancreatic beta cell dysfunction including impaired calcium signaling, leading to impaired insulin secretion, is present in all types of type 2 diabetes. This dysfunction is of progressive and aggravates during the disease development. Here we will employ a novel technology based on externally controlled dynamic magnetic fields and magnetic nanoparticles to control insulin secretion in diabetic beta cells. Magnetic force can pass freely through organic tissue in a non-invasive manner, therefore it offers an ideal tool to remotely regulate cell functions. In our setup, we aim at restoring cellular calcium homeostasis, thereby improving insulin secretion in the diabetic beta cells.

Associate Professor Enming Zhang (bottom left), Erik Renström (bottom right), Yingying Ye (top left), Cheng Luan (middle) and Mohammad Barghouth (top right).