Forskningsanslag 2016

Titel på projektet: Determining the microbiota in subjects with prediabetes 
Namn: Professor Fredrik Backhed
Institution:University of Gothenburg
Summa:2 000 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Short chain fatty acids; gut metabolites with implications for metabolic health
Namn: Professor Eva Degerman
Institution: Lund University
Summa: 346 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: The role of the duodenal microbiota in the etiopathology of Type 1 Diabetes
Namn: Professor Olle Korsgren
Institution: Uppsala University
Summa: 1 800 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Molecular control over a neuronal circuit that mediates feeding behaviour – and important new target in the fight against diabetes
Namn: Dr Olof Lagerlof
Institution: Karolinska Institute
Summa: 1 938 350 SEK

Titel på projekt: 6000 steps for better health – a randomised 12-month intervention study
Namn: Dr Anna Nordstrom
Institution: Umea University
Summa: 1 000 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: The importance of endothelial and red blood cell dysfunction for vascular
complications in type 2 diabetes
Namn: Professor John Pernow
Institution:  Karolinska Institute
Summa: 1 000 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Growth differentiation factor 11 (GDF11) – a fons adolescentia for the pancreatic
beta-cell that can delay or prevent onset of type 2 diabetes?
Namn: Professor Erik Renstrom
Institution: Lund University
Summa: 1 983 349 SEK

Titel på projekt: Does Glycation of apoA-I links to higher risk of cardiovascular complications in
diabetic patients?
Namn: Dr Joan Domingo-Espin
Institution: Lund University​
Summa: 200 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Contribution of genes and non-coding RNAs expressed by Kupffer cells in insulin
Namn: Dr Jennifer Jager
Institution: Karolinska Institute
Summa: 200 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Autophagy in control of beta-cell mass and function in Type 2 Diabetes
Namn: Dr Anya Medina Benavente
Institution: Lund University
Summa: 200 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Genetic and transcriptomic studies of fetal pancreas to understand fetal
programming and development and identification of blood based biomarkers for
pancreatic development
Namn: Dr Rashmi Prasad Bokkasa
Institution: Lund University
Summa: 200 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Communication between virus-infected pancreatic beta-cells and the immune system:
implication for Type 1 diabetes
Namn: Dr Luis Sarmiento
Institution: Lund University
Summa: 200 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Evaluating vision in the baboon following pancreatic islet transplantation in the eye anterior chamber
Namn: Dr Midhat Abdulreda in collaboration with Prof. PO Berggren, Karolinska Institute
Institution: Diabetes Research Institute Miami University
Summa: 900 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Refining Immunosuppression to Prevent Rejection of Porcine Islet Xenografts
Namn: Dr Bernard Hering
Institution: University of Minnesota
Summa: 850 000 SEK

Titel på projekt: Spring Point Project, its mission is to provide an unlimited source of pig islet cells to accelerate the availability and affordability of islet transplantation to cure diabetes.
This islet cell production is to be performed in parallel with the Schulze Diabetes
Institute’s basic research.
Namn: The Spring Point Project i samarbete med Dr Bernard Hering
Institution: University of Minnesota, Diabetes Institute for Immunology and
Summa: 167 000 USD