Forskningsanslag 2009

Titel: Hybrid preservation fluids and modular enzyme systems: significant means to optimize human islet transplantation

Namn: Olle Korsgren

Institution: Rudbecklaboratoriet

Summa: 500 000 SEK

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Titel: Extracellular nucleotide receptors as targets for the treatment of diabetes

Namn: David Erlinge

Institution: Lund University Hospital

Summa: 200 000 SEK

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Titel: Exendin-4 protection of normal and diabetic human coronary artery endothelial cells in diabetic macroangiopathy

Namn: Åke Sjöholm

Institution: Karolinska Institutet
Summa: 400 000 SEK 

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Titel: Funding of Islet Transplant Administrator within the DRWF Islet Isolation Facility

Namn: Mrs Melanie Cope

Institution: DRWF Islet Isolation Facility Oxford UK

Summa: £27,696.00 GBP

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